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My product market fit is acceptable for the niche that I've chosen. For example, don't use romantic jewelry pieces for father daughter niche.

So I don't have a great example here, but I think I can still kind of go back to this one. This one here it's kind of a learning experience. This particular product in my mind doesn't fit the niche too much. So something here has got to go, because this product is for a more mature individual. Alluring Beauty is this little jewelry piece with cubic zirconia on it, this is not something that you gift to a young girl that's like maybe 10 years old. You need them to be somewhat mature in order to be able to take care of it and all that kind of stuff. So this is an example of kind of a break in product market fit, where there's a breakdown here between the product and the actual niche they were going after.

Another example of a breakdown would be like if you use forever love depending on how you frame it. Okay, I've actually sold forever love with some daughter stuff and it worked. I've used the heart pendant for daughter stuff that works. Depending on how you frame it it can work, but forever love is very much more of like a romantic piece. It does really well in the romance stuff. So you just kind of got to be careful selling it to like father daughter, that like doesn't fit super well. If you're not careful with that and you don't frame it the right way it can be square peg into a round hole a little bit.

Let's go back here to my checklist. Okay, is age appropriate to my buyer recipient demographics I think I've already covered that with the fairy example. Right? To me the fairy is like something younger girls would be interested in, yet the product piece is really mature and then the phrase is mature. Just there's kind of a break there. So I think that one has gone over that.