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My product page. So my image maintains congruency between the ads and the product, the default image shows the same as the ad image. So here's what I mean by that. See this image here, if you're running this image here in your ad, you need to make sure that when someone goes to the product page, this is the default image on your product page, right? That's maintaining congruence between the ad and the product page. So if this is what you're running in your ad, you need to make sure this is the image that's in your product page. Okay, that's how you maintain congruency there. If it's a different image, the individual may think they went to the wrong website, or the link was broken, or who knows what. And they may bounce. Right? You don't want that. So you need to maintain congruency.

Alright, need to make sure my image emphasizes the phrase in the image or crops it down. So this again, we're on the product page now. Okay. And what we're saying here is the actual image that you put on your product page, the default one, you need to make sure that it's still emphasizing the phrase in the same way that the ad was, okay? Because if it's not, so here's what I mean. Sometimes in the ads, you crop down on the phrase in the box, and all this stuff that really get that phrase to stand out. Well, make sure that on your product page, that phrase is still very easily read in the main image. So an example of a mock up where this could be a problem is the one with the hands, right? They kind of come in from the sides, and they hold the gift box. And like the actual frame is like kind of way out here. Right? Well, if you upload this image to Facebook, you're probably going to crop down on the actual just jewelry box itself, because that's where the phrases and all that kind of stuff. But then if they click through the jewelry box, and they land on the product page, and it's it's like the big zoomed out one again. And the phrase is not as easily read, it can create issues for you. So you just need to make sure you think about that, when you're picking your images and everything for your product pages.

My product page title is used is a headline. So most people don't realize this. But you can actually use your product title as a headline. As soon as you go to a product page, the title up there is at the very top of the screen. So you can actually put scarcity, calls to action, urgency, and put all kinds of stuff in there. Another thing you can do those you can reiterate the phrase. That’s something I like to do in all of my titles, I like to kind of reiterate the phrase a little bit, I don't put the whole phrase. But when I read the phrase, I try to think what is the punch line here in this phrase, and I try to make sure that's in my title. The other thing I like to do in my titles anyway, is I like to put so, I'll typically write my titles out something like this, I'll put to my daughter, punchline, then I put necklace. This is typically what I like to do. The reason I like to do this is first of all, the punch line reminds people the phrase to my daughter, and again, it's just this whole thing here is just kind of reminding them of like it's a gift, and it's emotional and all that kind of stuff. And the necklace is really just to prevent confusion, I want people to know exactly what they're buying. Sometimes, you know, depending on how you use your images and things like that, they may not realize it's a necklace, I would stay away from using the actual necklace names here. Personally, I don't put interlocking hearts, I don't put alluring beauty, I kind of try to stay away from that. I try to just use something simple, like necklace. If I'm going to put anything here, that's descriptive, I might put like 14k white gold necklace or something like that, something that kind of raises the overall perceived value. But I only do it if it's true, right. So I can put 14K gold finish or something like that. It has to be true in order for you to use it. But usually more often than not, 95% of the time, I go with format that looks something like this.

Alright. Okay, contains a punch line of my phrase covered that. Mentions the product category, bangle necklace, a covered that. Is clear and easy to read. So in my product breakdown last week, there were some products we looked at where there were like literally hashtags in the product title. Like hashtags that you use on social media. Don't put that kind of stuff in your title, especially if whoever's coming to your page is forty years old or above. They may be lost on them. You never know. It needs to be clear, simple, easy to read. One thing to remember, if you're taking notes here, you should write this down. A confused mind always says no. A confused mind will always say no. So you want to make sure you're as clear as you can possibly be. And one way you can kind of do that is by having a good crisp title.

Avoid hashtags, strange characters or anything else that might cause confusion, covered that. Do not falsely advertise the product so a second ago actually kind of slipped a little bit. You don't want to put something like 100% 14k white gold. Our products are white gold finished or 18k gold finish like yellow gold finished. You can put something like that but don't put 14k gold, because it's going to give the buyer the impression, it's solid gold and it's not. So you need to make sure there's no false advertising in the title itself.

Okay, let's talk about the product copy here. So this is this is the copy that goes on the product page. So first of all, you need to make sure it contains your offer. So most of the products when you upload them, they're discounted $20 by default. So you'll have a compare at price on the page, it'll say like, like $69.99, and it'll be like mark through and then it will say $49.95. So it's like a $25, or I'm sorry, a $20 discount there. Well, I always like to reiterate that in my actual product copy. So I'll put by today and get $20 off discount automatically applied, I like to put that in the product copy so that people are reminded of the offer, right, and they know they're getting a good deal on the necklace.

Another thing I like to do, I like to put my phrase in my product copy. So I like to write after my offer, I like to reiterate the actual phrase itself, so that people remember, well, like when they come to the product page, and they see the image, the product image, depending on how big that is, and things like that may be a little difficult to read. So I like to reiterate the actual phrase itself in the product copy.

I like to avoid big blocks of text. In the product copy, I like to do bullet points. Sometimes especially when I have a product that sells I'll go through and rewrite all of the product copy, top to bottom. And even when it comes to the descriptions and necklaces and things like that I contain it in bullet points. We actually have a project going on right now where we're going to write the default product copy across our entire product line to increase conversions, because we've done quite a bit of testing.

So you need to make sure your product copy does not falsely advertise the product. So again, don't say it's white gold, if it's if just gold finished, right, you want to stay away from that.

Then finally, make sure it contains a call to action. Usually what I'll do is I'll do my offer, I'll do the phrase, or bullet points and things. And I'll usually have a call to action where it's like, "grab yours today," right or "get yours now", "Grab yours today and save $20 off", "Imagine seeing your wife's face when she opens it, grab yours today," I'll put something like that. So you need to make sure you have call to actions in there as well.

Now, quick disclaimer, when I'm testing I usually do not mess with the product copy. I'll just go with what ShineOn provides. When I'm scaling though, all bets are off. I will tweak everything when I'm scaling because I want to squeeze as much juice out of it as I possibly can.