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Scaling POD Jewelry | Facebook Marketing Strategy




So I tend to have kind of some unique scaling methods and I credit these methods to being able to allowing me to hit $92,000 in a day. Now, I want to preface all that with saying, I don't know that I'm like some kind of Facebook genius or something like that, and came up with this. I think some mixture of this was luck. Some of this was a little bit intuitive as I was testing products and attempting to scale and I'd scaled some products before in the past. If you're close to your ads for a long time, you just start to get a feeling for how there's like a rhythm and a tempo to buyer behavior to the way your ads spin and things like that. You just you start to get a feeling like an intuition for some of that stuff. That's how I developed a lot of my methods and there are various reasons for why I think they work at the end of the day. It's almost all theory. That's one important thing I want to say. And the other thing is Facebook's constantly changing things. So just because this has worked for me in the past, doesn't mean it's gonna be working for me in the future. So it's very important to stay flexible, stay agile, and constantly experiment.

So the way I like to scale. I like one campaign with lots of ad sets. I mean, like lots of it. Now, granted, this is one I'm scaling. I almost always do ABO for my campaign. And this will be like, it's nothing for me to have one campaign with 50 ad sets. I may start with 50 $10 ad sets. And again, don't forget my stairstep, right, because I do I kind of I go back and forth between increasing budgets on the ad sets, and then increasing the number of ad sets. But I might start with $10 ad sets, and then I'll jump into $20 ad sets. Keep in mind, if you've got 50 $10 ad sets, you're 500 bucks. The next day, if I bump them all to 20, I'm suddenly at $1,000. Which means I just increased my spend by 100%. Facebook hates this, they don't want you to do that. Your ads will never leave learning when you're doing this, which drives some people crazy. Doesn't drive me crazy, because it works. I don't know why it works. It just does. I have theories. Again, these are theories. So I go from $10 to $20 and then from $20, I might get saucy, might jump at the 500.

Then what I do, you're gonna find that when you're in ads manager, loading one campaign with 50 ad sets, starts to take a while. It's a little bit frustrating.  What I'll do is I'll just increase, I'll duplicate the campaign. So like, let's say for example, I'm doing 50 $50 ad sets. What is that? $25,000 in spend? So right 50 times 50? No $2500 and spend nine in there. What I'll do is the next day, is duplicate this right here, and then the very next day, I'm spending $5,000. The very next day, I'll jump from $2,500 to $5,000 in one day. And then if I'm still profitable, guess what I'm doing the next day. You don't play around here, no guts, no glory, especially, if you're in the peak buying time, right? It's okay to scale until you hit a ceiling. So I'll double this again. Maybe what I'll do is I'll either add another ad set, or I can increase all my ad sets to 100 bucks.

Is this making sense to everybody? Let me know if you're struggling with this because I know it's a little bit unconventional.

Can you talk about your add to cart and conversion metrics on the 93k? Probably not on this call. I wouldn't mind doing it. But I don't want to go back into my store. While I'm streaming and all this.

You're losing me, I understand the duplicating, but where are the what are the 50 ad sets made up of? Well, the 50 ad sets are all duplicates one of another. So what I'll do is I'll create one ad set with a $50 budget and then I'll just duplicate that thing 49 times. Facebook doesn't like when you do this, it's going to bog down, it's gonna crunch on you. It's a little bit of a pain in the butt, but it's making me money. What other choice do you have? I'm just surprised this is all free information right now. put it to good use.

So 50 of the same interest big audience. Yeah, dude, when you're scaling, you need big audiences to scale to look, I'm talking about how I did 92,000 a single day. You don't do that with audience size of 1 million. The good news is you're in the family niche. All the audiences are huge. They're all capable of huge, huge numbers.

So 50 have the same interest. Also, your pixel is going to get more optimized too. So you can you can slowly broaden your interests as you scale. So just for example, this is kind of how to put this. So if this is Facebook, and you want Facebook to hit your buyer, this is gonna be another drawing here. Let's pretend this is your buyer. Right here? Well, you almost have to put blinders on Facebook, especially if your pixel is not optimized. So you have to choose a very little narrow interest, right? You have to point Facebook,  it's like bowling, and you've got the the inflatable, what do they call those, like the the gutter things, right? They keep your ball bouncing around inside the lane. So you don't do a gutter shot. It's kind of what you're doing with Facebook when you do your interest. But as your pixel gets more and more optimized, what you can do is you can start to broaden this out a little bit, that's a bigger interest and get broader.

Eventually, you can even run with no interest at all, and Facebook will get so good at learning who your buyer is, they'll be able to find your buyer everywhere heat seeking missile type thing. They're just finding your buyer all over the place. I sometimes say that, you got to think like for the gamers out there, if you play RPGs you know, your facebook pixel is like a character RPG and you're leveling it up, the more data you give it, it's like experience points and it just slowly levels up and it gets better and better at targeted. Right gets better gear, better equipment, other gamers stuff. And eventually, it's out there just slaying you know what I'm saying? Like that's kind of what you're doing. You're feeding the data, getting it good and optimize, and then you can broaden your targeting a lot. So, when you're scaling to these levels, you need big, big audiences, but they're there. So it's okay.