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The Secret "Bucket Theory" to Facebook Ads




Why would I create three ad sets versus just one ad set on the interest?

If that is the question, I can answer that. So imagine that your audience is a body of water and let's pretend this is parents all, for example. And there are, I'm totally making this part up, 30 million people in it. Well, I kind of have this theory that each ad set you create is like a bucket. Each ad set gets a scoop of water. So it gets a scoop of your audience. Now, if that scoop is unlucky, and you don't have any buyers in it, then one ad set is going to be rough. Now, I think that the bucket is sized based on your budget.

So look, this is a theory, I'm not saying this is how it works. This is how I think it works and I've created scaling models on top of this, that seem to indicate that I'm onto something here. So I believe I have some evidence to support this. But anyways, I'll probably never know for sure. So the size is based on budget. What I mean by that is a $10 ad set is going to be like a small bucket. And $100 ad set, it's gonna be a bigger bucket. And $1000 ad set, that's gonna be even bigger.

So what I like to do is I like to think well, I want to make sure that I'm giving my campaign the best possible chance of success of finding buyers. So if I get a scoop from my body of water here, and there are no fish in it, that's going to be an issue, the entire campaign is going to be a dud, almost 40 even get off the ground. So I like to have multiple ad sets to increase my chances of one of them having some buyers located. Look, I like I said, I have a lot of reasons for why I believe that this is how ad sets work and your audiences work. I'm probably not going to get into all that here. But I have built some scaling models on top of this that seem to validate what I'm thinking here.